Growing up in a small coastal town you have to create your own fun. My friends and I would make short videos of ourselves bodyboarding our local wedge, edit and burn onto VHS cassette tape and have premieres at lunch time in the school common room, it used to be more exciting than anything sitting there waiting for the film to roll, wondering if anyone was loving it as much as I was. I guess those times were the inspiration for Harvest series, mini prems released in my own little common room.



March 16th, 2014

If you said this past Summer was slow it would be a gross understatement. This was particularly painful for Gibbo and John, the two keenest bodyboarders I know. Gibbo is like a human weather buoy that can spit out wave data on request, which comes in handy when a favourable swell approaches that would usually go un-noticed. John and Gibbo have a lot in common, they are both industry types and both share an intense love for the sport. It was great hanging out with these guys for a few days, I hope we can do it again sometime this year.
Pipe was it’s mechanical best, as was BP (note, last reverse air).

{ Thing of the Week }

"Two tees that are finding it hard to take a break in the washing machine this past month. Thanks to the good lads at I Am None. "