Growing up in a small coastal town you have to create your own fun. My friends and I would make short videos of ourselves bodyboarding our local wedge, edit and burn onto VHS cassette tape and have premieres at lunch time in the school common room, it used to be more exciting than anything sitting there waiting for the film to roll, wondering if anyone was loving it as much as I was. I guess those times were the inspiration for Harvest, mini prems released in my own little common room.



October 5th, 2014

Spring Clean on the dusty old hard drives and what do you know a bunch of footage I completely forgot about. The footage at the end was from a contest at boxy last year, I did a roll in the final and nosed dived, I could of broke my board in half from frustration at the time, now I think it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen! In no particular order I felt Mega Mash was a fitting title.


March 16th, 2014

If you said this past Summer was slow it would be a gross understatement. This was particularly painful for Gibbo and John, the two keenest bodyboarders I know. Gibbo is like a human weather buoy that can spit out wave data on request, which comes in handy when a favourable swell approaches that would usually go un-noticed. John and Gibbo have a lot in common, they are both industry types and both share an intense love for the sport. It was great hanging out with these guys for a few days, I hope we can do it again sometime this year.
Pipe was it’s mechanical best, as was BP (note, last reverse air).


January 21st, 2014

My mate Matt broke his wrist recently playing high stakes poker. He was sitting on pocket queens, and well, the rest is history. For now here’s a 2013 compilation of his styles on the boogie. First time I’ve had a guest rider/editor clip on the site and I’m dam proud to make a home for it. Ladies and Gents, Matty Palmer...Dall


January 16th, 2014

Highlights from The first ever Master Class I ran last Saturday. We scored the best 2nd Creek banks i've seen in quite a while, even a right hand rip bowl turned on during our mock heats. I think everyone had a good time. Watching the Cadet age guys was great to see, a lot of talent in this part of Australia that's for sure. Hopefully they can take some of the points they learned into the state titles later in the year. I was also blown away by the young guys, between the ages of 11 and 12, showing they more than comfortable in the conditions. Overall it was a rad time and looking forward to doing again sometime. If you were there, let me know what you thought of the Class.Thanks again, Dall.


November 28th, 2013

I often think if I over do it with my local. Like, should I surf more reefs? Should I be driving way further to get something better? Would it even be better? Truth is I’d make 1000 of these clips before I got bored of surfing the place, and even then I’m not sure. Nothing at all different or ‘special’ about my surfing here, the big thing about this episode it the track that plays over top. A Nelson Bay band named Guilt Trip, all bodyboarders I know well, they all rip and now their making fast music that you can really swing your hips to (or your fists, up to you). Big thanks for the letting me use the track boys, and for you guys watching I hope your not getting fed up with my local obsession, because the next 3 episodes may likely be the same, haha. Dall.


October 21st, 2013

Filmed during the final day of the IBA contest in Chile this year. One of those day's you wake up and you feel like a winner, like you could easily own the next 24 hours. Well it started out that way for me and then I ran into Ben who also seemed to wake up in a similar mood, then Ben went on to win in amazing style. My good friend Brendon happened to be on vacation in Arica the week the contest ran, I hadn't seen him so amped on bodyboarding since we were doing our first rollos back in Anna Bay years ago. His commentary you'll notice is a little bias, he hooked me up the footage the next day and I thought a clip edited in sequence of the day with the original sounds behind it would be cool. The guy you can hear on the mic name is 'Mono', he's a legend in the extreme sports world in Chile and possibly one of the coolest guy's ever. As fate would have it I spent the next week living in his spare room in Santiago waiting for my Brazilian visa to clear. He named me El Cantante, 'The Singer', haha. Enjoy.


October 3rd, 2013

Filmed by Curtis Rejtano during a day with really annoying banks, felt like it was low tide the whole day. I had 'The Dawg' with me as we tried to make the most of what we had, I thought we kinda got nothing at the end of the day. I checked the footage out later and wouldn't you know…


September 27th, 2013

Skateboarding is fucking hard. However if your cool with hurting yourself in order to get better you should have no problem. I'm a big time pussy when it comes to rolling on four wheels, in effect i'm one of the worst you'll see at the park. Luckily my mates are good so I can have fun pointing the camera in their direction. Tom has this tail stall thing that makes a nice noise and Palmer knows a thing or two also. Good times on small days :) Dall.


September 27th, 2013

If you haven't yet heard Le Boogie Magazine have taken it upon themselves to create a feature film this year, one that the people have been screaming for, one that will seperate the good from the bad. With a top notch crew and expectations rising, this will have to be on the lips of every bodyboarder the world over come December. Pitstops is the second round of webclips that are due for released to coinside with the film's premiere and episode one is all about me. enjoy.


August 27th, 2013

Episode one came about during a mixed up Hawaiian season, where the wind didn’t blow the right way and the swell left early. If all else fails, ruin your board at Keiki. Film by Michael Novy with a miniature camera over the space of an hour. Dallas.

PSBC Winter Series Trailer

August 27th, 2013

I help run a club in Port Stephens known as PSBC. This year was a little slow to start but we got there in the end. Winter Series is a set of 3 club-based contests that run throughout Winter in the area. Round 2 finished up last week with a couple of new faces starting to emerge. Will have a final edit up here when the final round concludes this Sunday.


August 27th, 2013

I made this Trailer months ago, released it for a day then realised I better make a home for it first. Couple of waves you may of already seen, chopper footage was off cuts from the original Harvest feature. Felt like this was a good first effort, hope you enjoy. Dall.